Love is in the air…

Did you know that Scotland has ‘feeling loved’ as part of the Government’s framework for improvement? We can achieve so much more when we feel secure, loved and confident in who we are. We have ‘relationships’ as the roots of our Vision and Values statement as we know these can make or break attitudes to learning. P6 with Mrs Goodall today were looking at what they love about their school:

Let’s show we love each other by putting others first and then that way, people will also put us first! We need everyone to feel safe, secure and loved at Smithton as we know that is how best your child will learn. The winter months and COVID restrictions are bring down so many of us. Do not struggle on your own. Please contact us and while we have no magic wand or fairy dust we are here to listen, support and try and find agencies to help you if we can’t.

Looking forward to Parent Council meeting tomorrow night. While hopefully this is the last online meeting and we will be able to meet in person next term (please??) having an option to be online will be a feature going ahead. For tomorrow at 6pm, please use this link here.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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