Trouble Drifting off to Sleep?

Bedtimes can be a nightmare in themselves, can’t they? Whether it’s adults not sleeping or children it really affects our functioning. Come and join us online tonight when Rose guides us through how to help your child get to sleep and stay asleep. No judgement, no finger pointing, just support. We’ll be able to help you as individual families following this session so tonight is about sharing ideas and listening to each other. Feel you’ve got it sorted? Come and share, even for a few minutes!

Googlemeet code for tonight 7.30pm for an hour

Head Teacher’s Learning Summary here

Last week’s star award winners!

Aileen Mackay, HT

Calling All Budding Sports Leaders!

Message from Parent Council

There was a suggestion from parents in attendance at tonight’s Parent Council meeting that it would be good to have some regular sports/athletics training for kids at the school to prepare them for local sporting events throughout the year ie; Cross country, Bailey Cup, Interschool sports etc
This would require a regular commitment from parents to run these sessions, if this is something you would be interested in please let us know. We are planning to set up a sports sub-meeting to discuss this and will ask along the School Sports Co-ordinator who can share their guidance and set up coaching course if/when required. 
Please let us know if you would be interested in attending this sports sub meeting to discuss a way forward by emailing Mrs Mackay

Message from David Shaw, Active Sschools Coordinator for our area

We are on the lookout for some new/returning volunteers to get involved with Active Schools in Culloden.
Sessions can be centralised to include all pupils or targeted for individual schools/classes.

Sessions can also be organised to fit in around your schedule and can be worked on a rota basis, so you don’t have to be there every week.

If you or someone you know is interested in leading or assisting at sessions then please get in touch!  We are happy to offer sessions for any sport and can provide training/new equipment for clubs that can run longer term.

You don’t need to be an expert coach or have previous experience, just be enthusiastic and willing to get involved for an hour a week.

Full support will be given to all volunteers.

David Shaw – Active Schools Coordinator, Culloden ASG

High Life Highland | Culloden Academy | Keppoch Road | Inverness | IV2 7JZ

M:07795825603 T: 01463 796130

Facebook: Culloden Active Schools

Instagram: @HLHActiveSchools

Twitter: @HLHSport

While staff can and do provide extra curricular clubs there is more expectation for us to do professional learning after school called ‘twilights’ and also with P1-3 parents meeting staff regularly time is shortened. WE’re all happy to help and work together. You’d also get a full ‘Volunteer at Smithton’ induction by me. Please do think about this commitment – working with the children and young people is the best tonic for your day!

Aileen Mackay, HT

See You Soon!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at school. Remember if you can’t manage to be here but want to see your child’s class then we can organise a googlemeet per person. To be able to do this please email me directly so I can give you your individual code.

Open Afternoon Tomorrow

Please do join us in the school 2pm – 3pm and have a walk around the classes to meet the teachers and to see around the building – for some of you this will be the first time you have been able to access the school! We’re looking forward to welcoming you. Remember if you can’t join us but would like a virtual tour please email me directly and I will give you a googlemeet code. One of the school P7 ambassadors will show you around in a virtual way!

There will also be an opportunity to see school uniforms and lost property in the games hall.

Parent Council AGM tomorrow at 6pm. Come and join the team and find out more about the school and improvements that we want to make together.

Friday’s Round Up

A huge thank you to Glencoe staff and our own amazing staff who have given up family life to ensure P7s had an amazing week – both last week and this as we have so many P7s this year. I can’t thank our own staff enough for what they have done and also for the staff back at school who have mucked in to keep the rest of the school going with fewer staff.

While P7s have been pushing their boundaries the rest of the school have been getting stuck into learning in different ways. We’re delighted that each class has a learning rep and their first main piece of work with Mr Lyon was looking at how they can promote reading across the school. Great ideas like having a book review of the month in assembly, different staff coming to classes to read to them and many more great ideas to build up enthusiasm for reading for pleasure.

We’re also really looking forward to our open afternoon next Wednesday 21st from 2pm – 3pm. Come and see what we are getting up to! Don’t be shy. Remember if you can’t come but would like to engage with us we’ll send you a googlemeet link and a P7 ambassador will go around your child’s class and let you drop in. Hopefully by now you will have received the survey for your parent/teacher more formal contact for October. In the early evening of 21st at 6pm remember to come back to the school for coffee and cake to meet with the Parent Council and hear what is going to be happening this year.

Another annual event we want to bring back is the Walk in the Woods on the last day of term. If you can, please keep the day free to come for a relaxed and enjoyable walk with your child’s class. Buggies are welcome with wee brothers and sisters but please keep the pet dog at home. More details to follow.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend and however you reflect on Monday let’s all be agreed that life is precious and we need to make the most of every moment in time.

Aileen Mackay, HT

And They’re On Their Way Home!

Glencoe P7 trip has now ended and they are all on the bus on the way home – slightly earlier than last week but all in good spirits. Estimated time of arrival is now around 3pm but Mrs Parke will let me know when the bus is at the other side of Inverness to give you about a 20/30 minute warning.

Aileen Mackay, HT

Day 3 Glencoe

Pushing the boundaries, dismissing fear, learning to be reliable for each other, having fun and living the dream! Some having personal goals and firsts in their lives…what a week! That was yesterday…

I got there in time for wake up call this morning at 7.30am and all were washed and downstairs ready for breakfast by 8am – let’s see if that continues for you all at home next week…

Aileen Mackay, HT

Day 2 in Glencoe – Sunshine Continues

Fantastic time is being had in Glencoe with the young people really exploring team work, pushing themselves and enjoying the food! A great bunch who are being highlighted as well mannered, keen and a joy to work with by the Glencoe staff. I get the photos in the late evening from the three staff so I can’t upload until the morning…and this morning my computer decided to have a holiday…apologies for lack of photos this morning. I’m planning to wake them for breakfast tomorrow morning so photos will come later in the day when I return to school

Aileen Mackay, HT