Aims of the Learning Council

 Learning councils are a way of children and young people having a greater say over matters that affect their school and wider lives.

Our learning council gives students the chance to tell teachers and staff their ideas and represents each class in school. It allows pupils to be involved in decisions that affect them, keeping them informed about the life of the school and helps pupils to gain confidence to have their say. It can also help pupils to feel good about their place in the school community by giving them responsibilities and encourages active citizenship.

Our learning council meets every  month  to discuss ideas, decide on the most effective ways to change and improve the school and then talk to the people who can help to make it happen. Our learning council regularly shares news and information about new initiatives and the important things which we have achieved.

Together we can help Smithton to continue to grow and succeed.

Our aims were revised and simplified on 30/09/20.  They are:

To make the school a better place by:

  •  Helping pupils enjoy school and
    keep them safe.
  •  Helping raise money for the
    school and others in need.
  • Helping make learning the best it
    can be at Smithton.