Intervention Programmes

We provide additional support for learners through a range of targeted intervention programmes:

frogHop On

‘Hop On’ is a reading intervention programme based on the ‘Reading Recovery’ programme from New Zealand.  It is a targeted approach for pupils in Primary 2 who have still to master the foundations of reading.

Parents must agree to read daily with their child and practise the sounds and words that build up the skills for early reading.

This intervention will include 20-30 minutes of 1:1 teaching from an ASN teacher 4 times a week and will run for a school term.


toebytoe Toe by Toe

Toe by Toe is a reading intervention programme for struggling readers that breaks down reading into its smallest parts. Pupils work 1:1 with a teacher or pupil support assistant for 15 minutes at a time. The unique syllable division employed by Toe By Toe is very easy to use. Once the sound of a phoneme has been taught using the ‘polynons’ (nonsense words), these rules can then be applied to any multi-syllabic word and students find a whole new world of reading opening before their eyes. Click on the link for more information.


speedy-readerSpeedy Readers

Speedy Readers is a computer programme that is designed to improve reading fluency (reading with speed and accuracy)

On a computer, learners listen to and read a chapter or paragraph of text (without adult input), print it out and put it in their folder. This should take 10 – 15 minutes each day. Then using the text from earlier that day, learners read aloud to a reading partner, who assesses the passage for accuracy.


starewayStareway to Spelling

Stareway To Spelling  is a manual designed to ensure that any student can read and spell the 300 most used words in the English language quickly, confidently and accurately.

Stareway To Spelling  ensures that the 300 most used words are committed to long-term memory and recalled at will by the student. (These 300 words form 72% of the all the words that we regularly use).

Spelling is taught on a 1:1 basis using the unique RAWS process (Read Analyse Write Spell).


nessyNessy Reading and Spelling

Nessy Reading & Spelling is an online program.


– 100 structured lessons
– 100s of video strategies that explain the rules of English
– 1000s of printable worksheets and card games
– 100s of games to develop blending, phonemic awareness, reading speed, rhyming, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and spelling


Begins with assessments for reading and spelling.
Sets personalised learning targets aligned to ability.
Each child is learning exactly what they need to know, filling in the gaps in their knowledge.
Creates a baseline score that is used to measure progress.



The ASN department will also work with pupils 1:1 or with small groups for other numeracy and literacy targets as appropriate.