Supporting Your Child

A number of parents are requesting support for a variety of reasons. We’re very glad to listen and help where we can however there are ways of speaking directly with agencies as parents.

If you have a question regarding mental health, communication, attention, parenting advice, etc there is a number you can call. The line is called ‘Just Ask’ and it’s open Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm – 4pm. Call 03003031365. Someone will answer your call and then a specialist will call you back to hopefully help you.

The Pines website is also very useful for information, training and videos to watch. here’s the latest training opportunity:

We’re really excited to have Tanya Tennant joining us for the next Pines Session. 

Book your place now.  Professionals Click Here to book.  You can also email direct at

Booking is open to parents/carers and professionals within the Highland area.  Let us know the area you work when booking.

                          Thursday 10th March 2022 VIRTUAL PINES SESSION  10.30am-12.30pm  Building Confidence and Reducing Social Isolation with Tanya Tennant Tanya is an autistic trainer and consultant who gives seminars for parents, carers and professionals across Scotland. Thanks to fundraising support, the National Autistic Society Scotland is delighted to welcome Tanya today. The session will look at building confidence in young people, and will have ideas to help social isolation. Tanya is autistic and a mum to autistic young people.    

This promises to be an excellent morning, we hope you can join us.

Kind regards

The Pines Team

Do speak with your child’s teacher, Mr Lyon, DHT or me. we’re here to listen and help point you in the right direction if we can’t find solutions at school.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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