Being Me, Being You

Our focus this week has been around resilience, speaking out, respecting points of views and expressing our feelings. From nursery where they were reading stories and having their feelings jars to P7s understanding that their brains and bodies are changing causing them to be irrational at times. Classes in between sent letters of gratitude and shared their views; practising deep listening and giving time to each other. There have been fall outs this week and new friends made. It’s all part of learning to be sociable and how to contain your anger or frustration. We don’t expect young children to be able to do algebra or write poetry so we can’t expect them to have mature social skills – these need to be taught. Don’t ever feel isolated as parents and carers – it’s not all about the young people here. We care for their families, too. Expressing ourselves through what we listen to, what we wear and the hobbies we have are all part of finding ourselves and what our relationship is with the world – and as adults we know this continues! Let’s keep on being role models for the young people and encouraging them to enjoy their lives as well as respecting the lives of others.

Here is an example of a maths activity boosting a ‘have a go and don’t give up’ attitude: A piece of paper is placed under the parallel lines inside the wallet. Close the wallet and open on the other side. The paper magically appears tucked under the cross.
To create this the pupils had to measure and draw 3 rectangles. Using a ruler, in context like this was a real challenge, even though the pupils had completed worksheets to practise their measuring skills. Following instructions and watching how something was done were important skills too. Cutting and sticking things which were fiddly was good for fine motor skills.
Finally this was a tricky task, but noone gave up or said it was too tough to do. Perseverance was essential.

Do you know of any neighbours or older relatives who struggle with the world of computers, SMARTphones and devices around the home? Why not point them in the direction of The Libertie Project trying to connect people over 55 and reducing the feeling of isolation. Many of us like to be alone at times but feeling lonely is not what we want for any of us as a community.


Do you know anyone aged 55 or over who could benefit from FREE digital support?

The Libertie Project  will be running free courses from our Digital Hub at 58 Denny Street in Inverness and Online Workshops. 

Face to Face Support 

Online Workshops 

Gain Confidence – Learn Key Digital Skills – Reduce Social Isolation 

Courses will run for 4 weeks and will involve 1 lesson each week. In person lessons will be held on Wednesdays and Thursdays 10.30am-11.30am and online lessons will be held on Thursdays 10am-11am and then again 1pm-2pm  

For more information please email, call or pop into our office.

Megan Morrison

Creative Project Manager & Facilitator

The Libertie Project

58 Denny Street 



01463 417240

I am currently working from home and in-office; though it suits me to email you now please note my usual working hours are Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 3pm

Registered Social Enterprise Company

Please remind your children that when they come into the school grounds that smart devices from watches and phones should be switched off. We have updated the devices policy which will be shared with the Parent Council next Tuesday 15th (link will be put up on the blog on Monday). Please remember that if you need to give information to your child it should come through the school office. Also, staff have their phones switched off during the day so please don’t expect Dojo messages really after 8.45am and before 3.15pm. Here’s a challenge: can you put your phones away when you are in the playground, too? We’re all still wearing masks – so please respect this but let’s talk to the human beings around us rather than the messages or social media on our phones for a few minutes each day.

Photos this week: handwriting practice is not what it used to be! Do you remember the half jotters with the red and blue lines? Those days are long gone! We use tweezers, sand, squashies, threading, big chalk outside, you name it to develop the muscles in our fingers and wrists – that’s what makes the difference to pencil grip and writing. We have two teachers expressing themselves – Mrs Goodall really is Cinderella! Mrs Robertson would definitely have given Madonna a run for her money…and we have star award winners too.

Have a good weekend. Try and rest together and enjoy each other’s company.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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