Parent Help and Additional Support Needs

Looking after our health and wellbeing is important.  As parents or carers of children we are also keen to make sure that we are meeting their needs.  This section of the website will provide useful information to help think about your child’s wellbeing in general.

The Highland Practice model is the structure that we use to support children, young people and families to get the help that they might need to support any concerns or issues that impact on their wellbeing.  As part of that the Head Teacher, Mrs Mackay, is the Named Person and can help families make links with other agencies for the right support.  If you have concerns about your child please speak to your child’s class teacher or Mrs Mackay.  There are a number of professionals who support the school and we can help you to make links to other agencies to meet the needs within a family.

The school meet regularly with partner agencies such as Practice Lead for Schools, School Nurses, Educational Psychology, Primary Mental Health Worker, Speech and Language therapy and have links and knowledge to others that support the needs of Children and Families.

This section of the website will be added to over the next few months.

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