Outdoor Explorers

Our Outdoor Explorers after-school club is run by Mrs Mitchell, Mrs McCormack and Mrs Aitken.

During the school closure due to COVID-19, our Outdoor Explorers set up a digital after school club website that has proved to be extremely popular   You can access it here:

Outdoor Explorers (Inside)

The following link shows how the outdoor area in the school is organised:


Loose Play Materials

The children have really benefited from playing with loose play materials in a natural area. The sandpit has been especially popular.

W/b 5th February 2018

This week the P1’s were exploring different ways to sort and record information.  Prior to going outside children used our number pebbles to sort themselves into numerical order from 0 to 10.

Outside we made a grid using sticks and a white sheet and the children chose six items that they could collect from the Outdoor Learning Area (fir cones, holly, logs. apples, saucepan and rocks.

Once we had collected this information, we made a graph using sticks and stones to record the information we had collected.

W/b 29th January 2018

Last week  P1’s were exploring measurement.  We used our bodies to measure items found in the Outdoor Learning Area i.e. collecting sticks that were shorter than the length of the tip of our middle finger to our elbow and then sticks that were longer than our bodies.  The P1’s also collected sticks and then graded them in order from shortest to longest.