End of Week Round Up

Did you see Ronnie’s incredible New Year dip in the local press?! We are so proud of you, Ronnie! Click here to read the article.

Just before Christmas Mya was extremely nervous about her ice skating exam but delighted to share with everyone that she did really well and passed with flying colours! Dedication, commitment, determination. All good life skills.

March – June nursery staff were mostly in the designated keyworker hubs so we were unable to create a virtual classroom for the early years children. This time, we will be able to do this as school and nursery buildings are open and staff will be on a rota. If you would like to be part of the virtual ‘playroom’ and hear stories, rhymes and generally keep in touch with us, please click on this link. Staff are busy getting things up and running for this new venture!

No access to tablet or chromebook? If you have Xbox you can access google classroom…Click here for instructions…

School resumes for all on Monday – designated only children to attend school while everyone else stays at home. All staff have put the learning grids out to you now. Please take time over the weekend or first thing on Monday to see what suits you as a family. Let me emphasise to you that learning will not take place if you are all stressed. Stop, regroup, play a game or get some fresh air together and then reschedule a learning time together. Try and keep to a routine that works for you as a family.

One of the things that we were doing in school these three days was to consider words of encouragement to everyone in our local community.

If you have anything you would like to share as encouragement to our community please send to aileen.mackay@highland.gov.uk for next Friday

Here’s a wee video of encouragement for you all. Click here to view it.

A lovely idea from one of our families:

I thought it might be an idea for families to do together while they are at home and try and keep the positive vibes going. We made a wishes jar of things we would like to do when restrictions ease or when bit of the craziness is over for us it was simple things like Aria wanted to touch the horses (you’re not allowed with current restrictions) and Gabriel wanted to go swimming (he had almost graduated his lessons when all this began last March). We also made a ‘Gift of Time calendar’ an envelope for each month of this year of a promise I will do with them, things that either cost very little or are free, they decorated the envelopes but have no idea what we have put in them and so it’s time spent together which is most important I feel, and I’ve put things as simple as camping under the stars in the garden to breakfast at the beach.

A massive thank you to all staff this week who have been here making things run smoothly. We’ve had everything from ice Olympics to den building and crafts. These staff have put themselves in the front line to look after your children and I am very grateful to them, as am sure all of you are that needed childcare this week. Teaching staff have been collaborating online and working hard to ensure that learning will continue to take place at home with a selection of activities that promote social skills, learning outdoors, written and online learning. Their enthusiasm and commitment is to be expected but never taken for granted. We will resume the weekly survey as this really helped us get things as good as we could for you. We need you to be honest and encouraging. For those who are new to the school, the survey is quick and easy to do but helps us make changes to the learning each week. It makes a big difference if you take the time to do this for us on a Thursday night.

Please do send photos that you would like to share on the school blog at the end of the week but remember that no household is perfect. The photos might look like all relationships are harmonious and that all houses are clean and tidy…but we all live with family and we all know that we take photos that put us in a good light! It is uplifting to see your children learning at home, though and the children remark that they like seeing their friends so do please keep them coming. Here are one or two from school this week.

Please stay safe and remain resilient. To those families who are ill we wish you a speedy recovery.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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