Day One of New Term

Hopefully all have had a positive ‘first day back’ and that all managed to access their learning grids, etc. A reminder to register by dojo or classroom stream as close as you can to 9am as possible. We will continue to keep a register as usual and office is open to receive calls if your child is off sick. I believe there’s chicken pox on the go as well.

All staff will be in the school building at some point in the week on a rota to allow the targeted children to remain in school. Please note again that they will not be taught in school, just supervised. If the staff are in school they will not be engaging with the classroom to the same extent but the class teacher will share with you which day he/she is in so you are aware.

As part of the COVID-19 recovery education plan, the Scottish Government has put money into local authorities to provide extra teaching time and counselling services. Mr MacDonald comes on a Tuesday to Smithton and we targeted P2 with Mrs Morison’s class last term. This term it is P7 and Miss MacDonald. Our counselling service starts this week and I met with the counsellor last week to firm up a plan. Please see the introduction from her below:

HPS Counselling

 Hello everyone, my name is Surya and I am a counsellor from HPS Counselling and I am really excited to be part of Smithton Primary School this year. 

Although I will be working mainly with the p6/7 children, these are difficult times.

So, I would like to invite, parents, carers or guardians, to a COVID Parent/ Carer Support Group, for support, chat and maybe even a bit of fun. 

If you would like be a part of this or even just to try it out, come and join us.

It is on Friday 15th at 2pm using google meet.

The code is below.


Please see the pack below for the service that is on offer

Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me directly if you require anything, even if it’s a chat. Don’t ever feel alone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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