Final Update (Last Night’s Title…!)

Welcome back everyone – we’re open and website/blog now unlocked!

This is the link to the nursery survey to choose your hours from the first week in September. The sooner everyone puts in their hours the sooner we can get the rotas drawn up. Thank you!

There will be plenty of adults in and around the school grounds this morning to help you if you get lost or have forgotten where your child’s class is. You will also see some P7s at each class entrance with a sign saying the teacher’s name and class. If you are 5 minutes late or less please go straight to the classroom and not the foyer.

We want to welcome a number of new families to the school community and wish you all well!

Please remember we have some juice/water and hankies in the community room if you need some space before you go home or drive away. This is an emotional day for many of us.

Update from classes: children settled and learning from nursery to P7. We may have to change a few organisational things to make things run more smoothly but we will keep you updated.

Have a good day.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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