Happy First Day Back!

We’ve had a great day, overall and not only did the rain stay away but the sun shone! I overheard a nursery child and his dad outside my room chatting about their days.

‘Do you want to come again tomorrow?’ says dad.

‘Can I really?’ says the child.

Here’s hoping we all feel like that tomorrow, too!

I hope all our P7 leavers, now S1 have had a great day too. Definitely Culloden’s gain to have such a spirited group of young people! Well done to Aiden who ran his 150km and raised £2365 – thank you to all who sponsored Aiden.

Jim Lyon

Many of you will know that I do extra work for the council around students, newly qualified teachers and working with universities. Much of this work is done in my own time but I should be getting a day a week to do this. Mrs West, our Depute Head Teacher is cutting down his days and will be working Monday – Thursday only until Christmas so the council has asked Mr Jim Lyon to be an additional Depute Head Teacher for the school until then. He will cover classes and also lead on certain projects within the school, too. Please welcome him if you see him in the playground or your child’s class.

We got some assessments done today and we’re confident that you have all done an amazing job working with your children at home. I hope you’ve had a good day and not missed your children too much. It has been so rewarding to work with them today as a member of staff said,’ A wee reminder why we came into this job’.

Take care and remain safe. Please wash out packed lunch boxes thoroughly, wipe down bags and wash clothes where possible.

See you in the morning!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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