Getting Ready To Welcome You Back!

Looking forward to welcoming new people to Smithton Primary next week as well as looking forward to seeing familiar faces! I’m glad we negotiated an extra day with the Scottish Government as staff will need the whole day on Monday to put the school back together and then Tuesday to check that we are all clear about fire exits, health and safety, etc as well as preparing for the young people coming in on Wednesday.

Mr Cameron, the site manager, wants to stress his gratefulness for the community’s patience over the summer as there has been so much work taking place. I take my hard hat off to him and his team when I have been in to see how much they have done over the six weeks. They are exhausted but, as one worker said to me today, ‘It gives me great satisfaction to work on a project like this knowing the thousands of people coming in and out who will see it all now and in the years to come.’

We’re on track for completion by end of October but you will all see a difference  when you are in and around the building from Wednesday. As usual on the first day back, there will be older children standing with large signs in the playground so the children know where to line up to meet their teacher when the bell goes.

As much as I loved working over the summer in the new building and helping to get it ready, it’s not the same without staff and young people who make Smithton great. See you all next week!

Aileen Mackay, HT.

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