Respectful, Positive, Caring, Honest and Friendly

Our pupils have certainly been living up to our school values recently.  On their trip to Abriachan last week, our P6 pupils discovered that Tiny Tots nursery, who were also visiting,  had no lunches with them as their bus had gone off with them without realising!  As a result, they shared their own lunches to make sure that no one went hungry.  They received this lovely card as a ‘thank you’.

One of our P7 pupils has also been involved in some fantastic fundraising for charity recently.  By cutting 25cm of their hair off, they raised over £600 for the Highland Hospice.  They also donated the hair to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides free real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.  

How wonderful to hear these stories of young people not only thinking of others, but also doing something about it.

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