Chess, Problem Solving and Money

It’s incredible what a primary school curriculum looks like these days! Fundamentally we concentrate on reading, writing, counting and relationships but these are investigated, practised, played with, debated and written on so many levels. Everyone has been getting their learner statements ready for the reports and final assessments are being done for the year. We’re all really proud of the efforts that so many have put in. And credit where it’s due: when parents and families engage in real learning with the young people their attainment flourishes in school.

I’m conscious that clubs are providing great opportunities for further learning. So delighted that two of our P7 boys have started a chess club on a Friday. Some of the girls were quite delighted to tell me tonight how much better they are than one of the staff (who will remain nameless) but I can help redeem said staff member when I join next Friday and they can see how poor my chess skills are!

Learning is never linear or incremental: children and young people teach us new things, they teach each other and if we’re willing to listen we can all learn together. It’s that time of year where we all get a bit more reflective about where we have been and where we want to go next in our learning. We had a very good Parent Council meeting this week and it’s clear that the parents who were there care beyond their own children – such a privilege to work with a variety of people. Please make your thoughts known to them or to the school about anything you feel you could contribute to the life and work of the school as well as any improvements that you think we need to address.

Bikeability in P6 classes is going well. We’re conscious of the number of children who come to school on their bikes and scooters – please make sure helmets are worn to keep those precious heads safe. As the days get longer and more children and young people are playing outside make sure you have taught your child how to look after him/herself as well. When they are inside playing on digital devices again, make sure they are safe online.

Have a lovely weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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