Anxiety- But We’re Together

If you are feeling that your family is finding life difficult at the moment: maybe someone is not sleeping well, maybe children and young people are not behaving as well together, maybe meal times are difficult and maybe there are money worries at the moment. I have spoken to many of you to know that these difficulties appear to be in many homes at the moment so take comfort that you are not alone. Also, having spoken to colleagues across Highland and across Scotland, there is a similar pattern. Some of you have reached out either to me or to your child’s teacher saying that your child is feeling more anxious than usual. Emma Campbell suggested a good book to read when she was working with the PEF Family team last year called, ‘How Emotions Are Made’ by Lisa Feldman Barrett and I found a great message in it yesterday:

In anxiety, the metaphorical dial is stuck on allowing too much prediction error from the world, and too many predictions are unsuccessful. With insufficient prediction, you don’t know what’s coming around the next corner and life contains a lot of corners. That’s classic anxiety.’

That’s kind of teacher speak to say we’re all anxious at the moment as we can’t predict what this virus will do next or how our plans can take shape when we don’t know what we can or can’t do safely. So it’s clear that it’s going to be ‘normal’ to feel anxious just now. What we must all do is share our feelings and emotions and not to bottle them up. Call a friend for a video chat. Make a time in the week when, as a family, you can all be in the same room at the same time focused on one thing – a game, a film, music and talk to each other.

Rose from our Family Team has created a session for parents around behaviour at home and we will have some sessions tailored to your family’s needs. More coming about this next week.

As for family money worries remember that we will be giving away school jumpers in the playground at 2.30pm today. If you want to give us a donation for school funds we will be delighted but absolutely no expectation. Thanks to everyone who has donated the clothes! we will do this again on the last Thursday before the end of this term, too.

Please take care, everyone and know that for the most part, your children are happy and learning well in school. Staff remain positive, encouraging and dedicated to making a difference in your children’s lives.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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