Links to Video Meets This Week

This is the link for the Parent Council AGM tomorrow night at 6.30pm. All parents are welcome to hear what the Parent Council has been doing and also to hear about the way the school is moving forward in these tough times.

This is the link for the P1 and P1/2 class teacher video meet on Wednesday at 3.45pm. Come and hear what and how your child has been learning in P1. We are waiting to hear how we can share what is happening in every class so please bear with us as we wait follow advice.

Head Teacher’s Learning Summary can be viewed here. Come to the Parent Council AGM tomorrow night and hear more.

Walk in the Woods will have to be done differently this year unfortunately due to this annoying pandemic. What we will be doing is creating a grid of activities for families to have a go with and if you manage to complete a certain number from the grid you will get a certificate of achievement from the school. More about this at the end of the week. It’s such a shame but keeping everyone safe and adhering to the Scottish Government guidelines is more important at the moment.

Thank you so much to all those adults who are now wearing a mask in the playground and keeping 2m apart. It’s not easy but it does help to protect you and each other.

Have a good week,

Aileen Mackay, HT


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