We’ve Moved…

…well the office has anyway! Classes won’t be moved in until nearer the October holidays but we will be trying to get the young people as familiar as possible with the new space.

new school front.jpg

Please note that the car park in the school grounds is for staff only. Please use the shiny new car park across the street. Where we were using the path as a road: this is now back to being a path (!) which will take a while to get used to so please go even slower and show even more caution for the next few weeks when driving near the school.

Learning summary for the school is on the web page or click on ‘summary’ in red which will take you directly to the summary page.

Aileen Mackay, HT

School Disco – Tuesday 8th October

***  Parent Helpers  ***

We need at least 10-12 parents in attendance at both the P1-P3 and again at the P4-P7 disco to ensure everyone has a safe & fun time.

The disco is run by the Parent Council (not the school) and teachers are not around at this time.

We are all busy and have other commitments but it would be a shame for the kids not to get their disco as they always have so much fun and it really is fun to be involved in these events.

Please let us know if you can help & which disco you can attend.


Parent Council

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