School Lunches

The school menu can be found on the Highland Council website or click on ‘About’ in the school website tiles above where you will also get the link.

For P4-7: 

If you are eligible for free school meals (check on the link to the website for details) you will have nothing to pay.

If you will be paying for meals, check the menu and decide which days you want to go. We advise strongly that your child comes to school on a Monday with an envelope clearly marked for which days they would like lunch and for the right amount of money to be in the envelope. (Envelopes can be given out on request.) So if your child wants a school lunch Tuesday and Friday, send the envelope with £4.60 on a Monday, stating lunch please for Tuesday and Friday.) Change will be given if you don’t have the right money but you know how change can get lost between a child and the way home…..!

Please do not fall into arrears with non payment. If you are in doubt, speak to me so we can work something out.

If your child is going for school lunches for the rest of this week it will be £6.90. A normal full week is £11.50

One more sleep and then the children are back with us!

Aileen Mackay, HT.

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