The Haven Homework

daisy stone

I think it’s going to one of those days…this is showing upside down somehow…apologies!

Next week, as part of our homework, the whole school is being asked to draw a daisy on a stone and bring it into school for Thursday 21st March. We are not being asked to fund raise, just to get things going around  Inverness. Your child will have come home with a leaflet about the Haven Appeal, a multi purpose centre for children and young people with complex learning needs that will be built on the site of the nursing home that used to be across from the school.

We are being asked to provide the stones for the charity and they will place them around Inverness. The idea from them is to ‘create a buzz’ as people become familiar with what the stones are associated with and to encourage locals and tourists alike to donate via text (70970). For more information or if the leaflet got lost in the bottom of the school bag

There will be a box in the playground on Thursday 21st for all to drop them into and the people involved in the charity will come and collect them.

Thank you for helping out here.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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