Community Involvement

Basketball ring for the park

Smithton Primary School children who use the basketball court in the local park, campaigned for it to be renewed when if fell into disrepair.  They are now helping to paint it. When it is completed, the board will be returned to the council to put back up. A result for young people!

Winter Warmer Friday 2pm – 3pm

Come and join Jo and Emma while having refreshments that the Young Leaders prepare for you. Thanks to all who responded to the questionnaire for involving the community and our parents in local health and well being walks, parent workshops e.g. on sleep, etc.

Parent Help and Additional Support Needs webpage

See the web links at the top of the website. We’ve added in ‘Parent Help’ to additional support needs and our first piece of information is around sleep routines. Please let me know if you want anything in particular in this section and for any workshops if you haven’t replied to the survey already.

School learning summary is available with early years summary coming tomorrow.

Aileen Mackay, HT


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