Day 2 in Glencoe – Sunshine Continues

Fantastic time is being had in Glencoe with the young people really exploring team work, pushing themselves and enjoying the food! A great bunch who are being highlighted as well mannered, keen and a joy to work with by the Glencoe staff. I get the photos in the late evening from the three staff so I can’t upload until the morning…and this morning my computer decided to have a holiday…apologies for lack of photos this morning. I’m planning to wake them for breakfast tomorrow morning so photos will come later in the day when I return to school

Aileen Mackay, HT

Smithton Parent Council & Come and Visit!

Good afternoon.

Smithton Primary Parent Council next AGM will take place on Wednesday 21st September 2022 at 6pm.  We will be in the school, however if anyone would prefer to join online, please let me know and I can get this arranged.  

Any questions or any specific issues you want added to the agenda, please just let me know.

Claire Horsburgh

That same afternoon we will be having an open afternoon – 2pm – 3pm where you can come and see your child’s classroom and what they are up to. If you are at work but would like a virtual tour of your child’s class please email me directly and we’ll get a googlemeet set up This is not a meeting specifically about your child – that will come in the last week of this term and you will get notification via Class Dojo about your contact time. (If you have more than one child please note you need a response for each one.)

We had hoped to have a virtual meeting with parents who have children who find it difficult to get to or stay asleep next Monday 19th. Please note this has been moved to 26th. (See HT Learning Weekly Learning Summaries.)

We have had a good two days in service looking at how we assess writing and how we have a consistent approach. We will be reconnecting with schools in our locality to match these assessments as well as schools across Highland and beyond to ensure there is consistency. We’re looking forward to welcoming the children back tomorrow for 9am – unless it’s the group of P7s who are still in Glencoe!

Aileen Mackay, HT

Message from Highland Council

Bank Holiday designated on Monday 19 September 2022

The Highland Council has confirmed that, as a mark of respect, we will observe the State Funeral of her Majesty The Queen on Monday 19 September 2022.

All schools, Council offices and service points will be closed to the public.  Emergency out of hours services will continue.  Waste collection will continue on that day, although the actual collection time may vary.  Registration, burials and cremations will be provided as required.   All out of hour arrangements in place for the weekend prior to the funeral will continue until the start of normal working hours on Tuesday 20 September. 

Staff who are required to work on 19 September will be paid an enhanced rate for hours worked. 

Elaine Barrie

Head of People


Sunshine and Showers!

What a week of weather. Some children found out the hard way that a jacket should be brought to school even if it feels warm in the morning…but the productivity in school and learning outside has been terrific. Working with microchips for computer programming to letter formation and 3D’s all been there. While the first group of P7s were in Glencoe the second group were hard at it and remained a positive influence on the school. ELC have been learning about the changes in the season, the fruit that is picked at this time of year and how we can eat things we have grown as well as being kind to each other and learning to share.

Please remember that we have in service days Monday and Tuesday so school will resume Wednesday 9am although staff will be in school both days.

Enjoy the photos and also the short video from the campfire at Glencoe as a reminder that we all need to work together and learn from each other.

Enjoy your weekend and trust you get time together with friends, family and loved ones.

Aileen Mackay, HT

Message from Highland Council

It has been announced by Buckingham Palace that Her Majesty The Queen has died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

The Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Bill Lobban expressed his deepest sympathies to The Royal Family, he said:

“On behalf of The Highland Council and communities of the Highlands, we join the nation in mourning for Her Majesty The Queen. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to all members of The Royal Family and Household and honour Her Majesty The Queen’s long service and duty to the country.”

The Highland Council will observe a 1 minute silence as a mark of respect for Her Majesty The Queen, tomorrow, 9 September 2022 at 11am.

Glencoe Day 3 – And The Sun Is Still Out!

I had the privilege of going to see the first group at Glencoe yesterday afternoon so apologies for delay in getting the photos up today. The rain was torrential most of the way until I got to Fort William…and then it cleared up. Glencoe really was looking lovely! Your children are in good health, good spirits and in good care of Smithton staff and Glencoe Centre staff. You’ll see them tomorrow – I’m sure it’s been a long week of quiet without them! I know I loved seeing them yesterday… and by the way – expect tidy rooms from now on – wow! Dorm inspection was amazing. Eva and Millie’s attention to detail was incredible – just look at how they set out their toiletries!

Aileen Mackay, HT