Star Awards and COVID Update from Highland Council

Some great photos showing their ‘hands on’ learning…naturally exploring symmetry and learning to listen well while taking turns as well as using digital devices to practise handwriting. It is such a privilege to work alongside your children and to be part of their growth every day. Look out for the Learning Council photo where the reps from P3-7 will be taking their ideas from the class discussions and feeding into school improvements. Nursery and P1-2 will be sharing their views, too, but in a more meaningful way for them.

In service days on Monday and Tuesday mean that the children will be at home but the staff will be working hard. We will be focusing on the curriculum as well as how we are meeting the needs of every child.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday morning. Stay safe and continue to look out for each other.

Aileen Mackay, HT

COVID Update

We are not allowed to communicate with you about COVID unless it is a direct quote from the Highland Council so apologies for not being able to keep you more updated.

Here is the quote from Highland Council:

“Children who are sick should not attend school and where a child has symptoms that could be from COVID they should stay at home and have a PCR test booked. Once well and with a negative PCR test, they can return to school.

If a case of COVID arises in a member of staff or student at a school, letters will be issued to those who have been in contact with the case which will explain what action needs to be taken. There will be no need for school contacts to self-isolate unless they are contacted by Test and Protect. In the event of further cases in the school, additional action will be taken and in the event of a significant outbreak advice will be sought from the Health Protection Team and actions undertaken depending on the specific circumstances.”

Further information for families is available on the NHS Inform website at

Aileen Mackay, HT

Last Week’s Catch Up

Apologies – having trouble with photos up the right way – they seem to have a mind of their own when they are uploaded!

We have one class isolating and individual children in other classes. Keep washing your hands, giving each other space and avoid touching your face. Keep washing your children’s clothes and packed lunch boxes, etc. It’s really tricky just now with summer colds and sniffles, isn’t it? We don’t know what are symptoms and what are just common cold symptoms! If in doubt – please keep your child off and just let us know via the office. Mrs Cornish is doing a fantastic job each morning as you can imagine there are lots of people phoning to either report an absence or ask for advice.

If your child is absent either waiting for results or recovering unfortunately the class teacher can’t set work for your child specifically unless it is something that is already going onto the google classroom stream. As you can imagine, the teacher may have 29 children in the class as well. There may be opportunities such as class novel time, when the teacher can offer a google meet to your child to ‘join in’ with the class. If your child is looking for things to do have a look at what the council has provided by clicking here.

If your child is to self isolate please encourage following the rules. I cannot enforce the rules but as a community I hope we will be there for each other and reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread by keeping to them. I appreciate it can be frustrating when you really want to go somewhere or you have childcare issues but I urge you to take advice if you are not sure or just follow the rules.

On a nicer note – the class Pupil Learning Council reps have been chosen in each class! When P6/7 comes back on Friday we’ll take a photo of them then but until then here are the names:

P2-3  Jess Davidson P3- Quinn MacPherson

P4 LM- Seoras MacKenzie P4 CN- Max Young

P5LM- Evan Iwaszkiewicz P5 RJ- Emma Turbuk

P6 DR- Kacper Jagodzinski P6 EO- Robyn MacDonald

P6-7 – Lauren Harrison P7- Alfie Stevenson

P1 and P2 will be represented in other ways until Christmas (using house captains, class teachers, in groups, etc.) when they will be more ready to take part fully. It’s a responsible role as they are representing everyone in their classes and taking views and class discussions to the Learning Council. I value their ideas and opinions and have made improvements to the school based on their ideas at times. Despite COVID, children are learning, getting settled and overall, are a credit to you. have a good week!

Aileen Mackay, HT

Useful Information About COVID from Highland Council

Good morning. As mentioned on Friday, NHS needs to treat each individual case separately so you may hear things from one person and then get confused as it’s dealt with totally differently with the next person. We need to trust the process and trust those who are leading us through this (never ending!) period of the pandemic. Highland Council has provided these links for our use and understanding. Continue being careful about washing, standing at least 1m away from adults and trying not to touch your face. With staff absences and pupil absences it is very difficult for us to provide continuity and routine but can I thank various supply staff who have been covering and trying to stick to class routines – we couldn’t do without you! As parents and young people can we continue to give a warm welcome to any supply staff and to wish our own staff a speedy recovery. At the start of a new year it’s always tricky for young people to come back after an absence as the class is not fully established but hopefully things will settle down soon.

Please take care, everyone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

ParentClub is aimed at parents but explains how covid and testing can be explained to children, helpful links:

YoungScot is primarily aimed at young people. Helpful links:

Another Glorious Week…

…and the weather was good, too!

Children and young people settling well with class reps for the Pupil Learning Council underway and House Captain applications coming in from P7s. Nursery children smiling, learning and laughing together – so good to see all over the school and nursery that staff and young people are enjoying their time together and making the most of every day.

We continue to spend our time learning outdoors, learning together in pairs and groups and using digital technology throughout the day so there is a variety for all. Staff are planning new learning alongside their classes and support staff are targeting children’s needs at all levels to ensure all are being stretched.

COVID-19 is still an ever present threat. Thank you to all parents and carers who are wearing masks and remaining at least 1m away from adults. Please remain vigilant and not complacent. It’s all rather tricky to navigate the restrictions and rules as each case has to be investigated by NHS which sometimes comes up with different outcomes for different people. Please don’t feel alone – if you are worried do call us and if we don’t know the answer we can find out. We’re happy to help. Just keep safe.

There are a few after school club news items below. Please read and see if any are of interest at the moment:

Girls Football P3-P7 Culloden Pitches

Parent volunteer Rory Black is continuing to offer girls football every Friday this term 3.30-4.30pm providing we have additional parents available to support with the sessions. Please book on to the High Life booking system using code 04117CULL at These sessions are all about developing basic footwork, ball skills and working together as a team. Lots of fun games and activities to develop communication and coordination by playing football. No experience of playing football is required so give it a go! All girls P3-P7 welcome. Do not come to the session if you are unwell, have experienced any covid-19 symptoms in the previous 7 days, or are in Covid related quarantine or self-isolation. Anyone in the higher categories/shielding should be aware that attending places them at increased risk. Parents must be present to sign your child in and out of sessions. All risk assessments are in place with a safe environment for your child to participate. Open to all girls P3-P7 whether HLH member or not. Contact Lynne Fraser, Active Schools Coordinator Mob: 07795825603 if you are able to help with these sessions.

Shinty P2 – P7 Culloden Pitches

Parent volunteer Steven Grant is continuing to offer shinty every Monday this term 4.15-5.15pm providing we have additional parents available to support with the sessions. Please book on to the High Life booking system using code 004120CULL at  A great opportunity to learn basics skills of the game by playing lots of fun games and activities. Please wear suitable clothing and bring a waterproof jacket. Bring a water bottle. Toilet facilities will not be available at this venue, so please go before arrival. Do not come to the session if you are unwell, have experienced any covid-19 symptoms in the previous 7 days, or are in Covid related quarantine or self isolation. Anyone in the higher categories/shielding should be aware that attending places them at increased risk. We require parent helpers with this activity. Please be in touch with if you are available to help as we need extra adults to support this club.

Running Club parent volunteers

Running clubs are becoming extremely popular in the Culloden ASG either as an after school club or in the community. I would like to start a club in the Smithton/Cradlehall and Balloch areas and currently seeking any parents in the cluster who would be interested in getting involved. Absolutely no experience is required and you certainly do not need to be a runner. All that is required is a sense of humour, enthusiasm, organisation and a passion for working with youngsters. The day and time of the club can be your choice and does not need to be after school or a week day. If weekends suit then that is when you can run the club. Active Schools can provide lots of support to any parent who is keen to support a club along with funding for courses. If you are interested and have some spare time to devote to establishing a running club please be in touch with Lynne Fraser, Active Schools Coordinator or Mob: 07795825603

The 1st Culloden Boys Brigade are now recruiting for Session 21/22. If your child is aged 6 years old or over then they are eligible to join the company. Anchor boys is for boys in Primary 2 & 3 and is held from 5pm to 6pm every Thursday night in the Barn Church, Culloden.
Every week the boys take part in a variety of activities and learn new skills. They have great opportunities to make friends and have lots of fun whilst also learning about Christian beliefs. Our new session will commence on Thursday 2nd September. For further information please contact Neil MacKenzie on 07919850671 or send an email to

We look forward to welcoming you to the company if your child wishes to join us.

Enjoy the following photos. Please look at the words that the children came up with in assembly today about leadership qualities that they aspire to. You have amazing children.

Aileen Mackay, HT

Friday Faces are Happy Faces!

Well done, everyone. We’ve made it to the end of the first week. Routines are back in place, bikes and scooters are in the sheds, learning is happening and teachers are happy! What more could we want? Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of how our week has gone.

Looking forward to a full week next week and seeing all our new staff and young people settled in. Have a great weekend, everyone.

And We’re Back!

Trust this finds everyone well, rested and ready for the new school session ahead. Apologies for delay in sending out information but I’m sending as soon as it has been confirmed from Highland Council.

Click here to see details of where the classes are and which entrances to use. In summary:

All adults to continue wearing masks unless you are wearing an exemption lanyard.

All adults should be 1m away from any other adult and, if possible, only one adult per household in the playground. (P1 parents – feel free to come together as it’s the first day tomorrow – totally understand!)

We’re still not able to have every class lining up in the playground so please make sure you have clicked above to find out where your child’s class is and which entrance you should use.

Children and young people will remain in their ‘treehouses’ but will be able to go between classes within their treehouse. Hopefully with no new cases we will be able to open up more and go back to pairing up classes and learning in creative ways.

We ask you to be vigilant with washing clothes, washing hands and packed lunch boxes, please. Staff will continue to do their testing and if you think there are any of the COVID related symptoms please keep your child at home and follow usual procedures.

Nursery children – line up for The Cabin around the back of the playroom. Butterfly and Rainbow Rooms should line up at the gate nearer the school under the roof shelter.

Parents are still not allowed into school so please bear with us. Drop your child off knowing that the adults in school will be supervising but if you are anxious, please get in touch and we will hopefully be able to reassure you during the day.

We have new staff who have been hard at work over the holidays and especially today setting up classrooms and familiarising themselves with children’s notes. We welcome them and trust they will enjoy working with you and your children.

We will be preparing for extra curricular so that when we get the go ahead to mix the classes then we will be ready. More information to come in September.

One more sleep and then it’s back to school! Looking forward to welcoming you all back and especially welcoming our new parents, carers and young people who have moved into the area over the summer.

See you in the morning!

Aileen Mackay, HT

Friday activities

Do take advantage of this as well as other activities during the holidays. No COVID update yet but will keep you posted as soon as I know of changes for the start of the new term.