Major Disruption to Front of School 15/11/22

Sorry for another post this morning but I’ve just been told that the security gate that we were promised from the school build three years ago is about to be put into place. Tomorrow morning staff will not be able to park in the school grounds after 8am so will use the car park opposite the school. Where possible people will car share/find others ways to get here but for many staff this is not practical. I urge you to ‘park and stride’ from the Smithton church car park that they have kindly said we can use at any point. I will be out to make sure that cars don’t park in a way that will be hazardous for children to cross so please leave earlier tomorrow or find another way of getting here. As staff will be teaching all day they may not have time to go and move the cars into the staff car park in the afternoon so please just assume it will be very busy here tomorrow all day.

Ultimately this is for your child’s protection as it will ensure no one can come into the school grounds without a fob so I please ask for your patience tomorrow.

Aileen Mackay, HT

Photos Reminder

Today and tomorrow for school photos…all these wonderful smiles for posterity!

Here’s some of our own photos from last week..a great learning experience for P1 as both classes went to see what happens at the fire brigade. Now they have seen with their own eyes they can then articulate with a wider vocabulary and therefore enrich their understanding. It’s one of the areas for improving the learning experiences for the young people at Smithton this year and they are responding really well. If you can volunteer your time either for your child’s class or any other class your time would be greatly appreciated and you will have fun, too!

Logan, Lucas and Oliver in P3 were ‘stars’ as the cleaners called them last week. Because of the wind the leaves were everywhere in the school. These three amigos decided to brush up the leaves in the corridor outside their classroom to help!

Last week’s HT summary here.

Have a good Monday!

Aileen Mackay, HT

It’s All Go!

It’s traditional at Smithton that we have so many grandparents and relatives who are dropping off, picking up or looking after sick children to allow parents to work so we decided it would be good to have a ‘grandparents’ session. This is for anyone that drops off/picks up and looks after youngsters. Before you go home on Fridays at 9am why not come and join Rose for a cuppa?

As the darkness comes down, please remember if you are driving to look out for the young people on their bikes or them crossing the roads. We are trying to reinforce road safety as well.

Head Teacher’s Learning Summary can be accessed on the tab above or here Apologies for delay – thought I had sent this on Monday! This is where you will find details of dates for your diary for the term as well as what I’m focusing on with your children’s learning and how I am ensuring progression, depth and continuity in learning.

We’re delighted that the extra curricular clubs have started properly now and each week we will feature photos from the groups. (Look out for the art club photos in the slideshow.) Please note that you need to complete the survey so that we have all the details. It has been fine for this week to add names to groups for ease but this must be followed up with adding your child’s name to the survey. For cross country please add the extra app to your phone. Good to see more than 165 young people taking part across teh week!

Survey to all your child to attend after school clubs

Cross country app

Fiona, our Ness Factor singer was delighted with the £360 you raised for her hospice appeal last week…one week to go, Fiona before the big night! Thanks for sending in another few photos. We can’t wait to hear how you get on next Saturday night. Brooke, in P3 made Fiona and the Hospice an amazing poster – echoing all that we have to say about the phenomenal service they give to families. Look out for it in the slideshow.

Some other photos of children using their intiative in school – fantastic problem solving and autonomous learning. It’s easier to ‘do as you’re told and do it this way’ but this means chidlren find it more difficult to think about their learning in other contexts. Expecting problem solving and initiative building creates strong individuals.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Remember to put your clocks back this weekend..what are you going to do with your extra hour?!

It’s been a positive first week back with everyone getting right back into learning. Everything from watching the partial eclipse to teddy bear picnic, chocolate brownie making and evrytihg in between. We had two girls in a nation bowling competition and Orla was the overall champion!! Fantastic stuff, both Robyn and Orla! Delighted with hte helpers at Blythswood spending holiday time helping others.

Thanks again to all who helped at the disco on Tuesday and to those parents who are volunteering with extra curricular clubs starting next week. Delighted that staff have been able to find time as well. Last full week in October….weather has been great but the wind is chilly now and the light is fading. Please remind your child about wearing jackets and staying safe on their way home from school.

Funky Fridays await so I had better go! (This is the youth club for P7 and S1..great fun on a Friday night.)

Aileen Mackay, HT

X Country tomorrow & Shoebox Appeal

It’s expected to rain tomorrow so hope all who are planning to run tomorrow come suitably dressed! Thanks to all those who have registered. It would be handy for Jenna, the leader, if you signed in here too just for X country.

Also Paige in P5 is collecting for the annual shoebox appeal…if you can send in items to school as soon as possible that would be great. Many thanks!

Disco and Ness Factor!

A reminder about the disco tomorrow night run by the Parent Council.

Please remember that ALL children need to be picked up on Tuesday night no matter their age.

5.45pm – 6.15pm Nursery (to be accompanied by an adult)

6.30pm – 7.30pm P1-3

7.45pm – 8.45pm P4-7

Entry £2 a child, nursery children will get a goodie bag.

Also, message from Mr Jamieson and P7: Fiona Clark one of our P7 Parents in in the final of this year’s Ness Factor. This is a talent show which helps raise important funds to support the Highland Hospice.
ThisFriday we will be hosting a “wear something yellow” day to support her and the hospice.

Dress up in yellow, or as a bee (in honour of the hospice mascot Bobby the Bee) and bring a donation to Fiona’s fundraiser. 

Fiona and Bobby will be making a special appearance at school that day too in assembly.

Want to know more visit
If you want to donate to Fiona’s fundraiser directly visit

From all of us at Smithton and beyond GOOD LUCK FIONA!!!

It’s Friday…Back to Friday Blogposts!

Trust everyone is refreshed and ready to come back to ELC and school on Monday – please note there is no in service day so all expected to be here on time on Monday.

After school clubs restart with cross country on Wednesday but everything else starts the following week as there are other school events on this week. If you haven’t signed up already the survey is still live so sign up here.

The Parent Council is running an autumn disco on Tuesday 25th. Come dressed up if you want or just as you are. We remind you that this is a nursery and primary occasion so we shouldn’t see any costumes that are reflective of any games, social media, films, etc that are not universally suitable. I am in awe of the parents who run these events and I know they value your support. Please remember that ALL children need to be picked up on Tuesday night no matter their age.

5.45pm – 6.15pm Nursery (to be accompanied by an adult)

6.30pm – 7.30pm P1-3

7.45pm – 8.45pm P4-7

Entry £2 a child, nursery children will get a goodie bag.

Have a good weekend and know we raring to go!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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