Ethical and Enterprising!

Tradition in Highland is for P7s to have ‘leaver hoodies’ and as part of their social and geography studies earlier in the year this P7 year group decided that they didn’t want to use the usual supplier but they would find an ethical one – knowing well sourced and people were well paid to make the garments. This meant that it cost a wee bit more…so they decide that they would have a Friday afternoon event where they provided fun for the rest of the school either quizzes, competitions, food, games, car washing for staff, etc. etc to raise a bit extra so their parents didn’t need to pay more than previous years.

A very proud moment for all staff to see this year group organise and carry out such an event. They will be showing off their leadership skills to their families 19th June (sorry there isn’t enough room for all to come!) and I think they will rerun this afternoon for the school fete 23rd June it was so good!

The months are coming thick and fast and as we head into June this coming week we are reminded how much the children have been learning throughout the year. The annual report will be with you 9th June and it has been a pleasure to read over everyone’s progress so far.

All the best for our athletes tomorrow in the inter school sports! Photos to be shared here next week along with Baillie Cup during the week. Health and well being week 6th – 9th June and remember you are most welcome to join us for the relay events on the 9th.

Today was Mrs Stevenson’s last day before she moves to NHS to be a massive influence there. It was with regret that we all said goodbye today but she’s promised us she will visit. Thank you, Mrs Stevenson for all your enthusiasm, care and commitment to every child and their families that came your way and all the very best for the future. She her happy face in the Star Awards photo!

Have a great weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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