Into May We Gallop!

We’re eating up the months this school year. Children and young people are definitely growing in all ways – physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve all had a focus on the language of emotions and how using our words can really help to communicate our feelings. Many of you have asked for the chart at home to continue using it as a family. Feel free to ask your child’s teacher for a copy of this if it would help. When our children are little they find it hard to explain because they don’t have the vocabulary. As they grow and develop they can become anxious as they try to make sense of the world. When they are heading for teenage years the hormones kick in and we experience more upsets and frustrations that need words! Rose from the PEF Family team has been creating and delivering workshops to parents throughout the year and the last two before the summer will be on anxiety and secondly the teenage brain which will be co led with the Primary Mental Health Team. These workshops are open to all – at some point you will be facing these stages in your child’s life!

Hope you’re having a good Thursday – we’ve been welcoming more new P1 children to see what Smithton Primary is like this afternoon – all good!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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