2 Events Coming Up

From Claire, Parent Council Chair:

As mentioned before the Parent Council are losing two of its longest standing members when the schools break up for the summer holidays.

I want to start this post with a massive thank you to Judith and Fiona for their dedication to supporting the school!

As their children move onto their next chapters in the Academy this leaves the Smithton Primary Parent Council short of two key committee members. An extraordinary meeting has been called for Tuesday, 21st March starting at 6 15pm to elect to fill these roles (treasurer and deputy chairperson).  We are also looking to raise the profile of the parent council to attract more parents to attend meetings and get involved within the school activities.

The purpose of holding this meeting and not waiting until the new school year to post, is to present the opportunity for new post holders to shadow Fiona and Judith for the last couple of months.

Thanks for your support as always and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the 21st.



No Smoking Day Today – Can you join us even for 15 minutes at any point 1.45 – 3.15? Lots to learn and do!

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