School closing now

I’ve been told by the area manager that all schools in this area are to close from this minute. If parents of ELC and P1-3 children can come and collect their children as soon as possible, please. ELC – usual doors, P1-3 from the child’s fire exit door. If in doubt, come to the main office.

All P4-7 children who normally walk home on their own will be dismissed from now and told to return to school if there is no one in.

Working parents – we will hold onto children who will then be dismissed at either 2.45pm or 3pm depending on their age. All ELC children should be collected by 3pm please.

As for tomorrow – please read this blog tomorrow morning unless I am given further instruction by the area office. I will alert you one way or another whether school is open or closed.

Apologies for the short notice – it just came to me in an email from the area office.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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