End of 2022

What a busy as usual but fantastic month we’ve had! So many pupils, families and staff have had this awful sickness and flu bug so we hope you are all well to enjoy the festivities over the next two weeks. Sorry to those who missed out on Christmas lunch, shows, parties and services but for those who were here – it was a fantastic time. The effort staff, parents and young people put into everything from Jingle Jog to Sing and Sign events and everything in between: Cash for Kids, local churches for food hampers and Santa’s appearance with his elf just topped everything off.

The only real sadness is that Mrs Brande, in the nursery after 120 years (wee joke) has retired. She answered the advert and hasn’t looked back. She was here in the old room with children attending only morning or afternoon so she has seen many changes over the years. She is famous for her carrot eating (!) and having a ‘wee list’ in her trouser pockets keeping us all right. A real treasure has been removed from us but she’s taught us all well and we’re truly happy to see her off on her new adventure, whatever that brings.

Parents, staff and young people at Smithton remain resilient, caring and determined. A massive thank you to all who are involved whether health visitors, cleaners, teachers or delivery van people – we can’t run this school and nursery without you. It is a great place to learn and work and I remain so very grateful to be part of the school.

However you celebrate the holidays either as Christians, other faiths or no faith – love one another, be patient, kind and giving. We can all agree on those attributes regardless of our beliefs.

Thinking of you all as I type these words.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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