It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We’ve had the dress rehearsal of the ELC – P3 show today and it was terrific! You are in for a treat next week. The show was videoed so will be released after the live performances for any who missed out due to illness or work commitments, etc. A huge amount of work has gone into all the performances and the children are excelling.

Christmas Jumper and MFR today along with Christmas Lunch – Caroline the Cook’s first one – and she and her team survived! We’re all a pound or two heavier and our tastebuds tickled. Absolutely delicious.

The Sing and Sign group had their first winter gig at The Barn Church this week and it was well received. The group meets every Tuesday and it’s fame is spreading…next gig at the Cathedral next weekend!

Thanks to a parent who has had a kind thought for pensioners in our area: Did you know that you could be entitled to financial support even though you haven’t been entitled to anything up until now? A local resident was helped to realise that she was entitled to £1.75. Doesn’t sound much, does it? But the fact that she was entitled to even a penny now means she is entitled to a whole host of financial support. If you have a friend, neighbour or relative why not tell them about pension credit? A few clicks on a website and it could mean all the difference to that person.

And meanwhile – we’re still learning. School tries to be as calm as possible and with P3’s resilient kids work on staying calm and finding peace a number of parents are now trying this at home. Ps reading and P6 going to the library: a core skill that is repeated through every year from ELC to P7. Keep reading, everyone…what will you find out next?

Photos include a few star awards but the rest will come next week as we didn’t have assembly this morning and only a few have come in.

Have a good weekend and here’s hoping those who have been ill are on the mend, just in time for the mayhem to really kick in…

Aileen Mackay, HT

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