Photos Reminder

Today and tomorrow for school photos…all these wonderful smiles for posterity!

Here’s some of our own photos from last week..a great learning experience for P1 as both classes went to see what happens at the fire brigade. Now they have seen with their own eyes they can then articulate with a wider vocabulary and therefore enrich their understanding. It’s one of the areas for improving the learning experiences for the young people at Smithton this year and they are responding really well. If you can volunteer your time either for your child’s class or any other class your time would be greatly appreciated and you will have fun, too!

Logan, Lucas and Oliver in P3 were ‘stars’ as the cleaners called them last week. Because of the wind the leaves were everywhere in the school. These three amigos decided to brush up the leaves in the corridor outside their classroom to help!

Last week’s HT summary here.

Have a good Monday!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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