Major Disruption to Front of School 15/11/22

Sorry for another post this morning but I’ve just been told that the security gate that we were promised from the school build three years ago is about to be put into place. Tomorrow morning staff will not be able to park in the school grounds after 8am so will use the car park opposite the school. Where possible people will car share/find others ways to get here but for many staff this is not practical. I urge you to ‘park and stride’ from the Smithton church car park that they have kindly said we can use at any point. I will be out to make sure that cars don’t park in a way that will be hazardous for children to cross so please leave earlier tomorrow or find another way of getting here. As staff will be teaching all day they may not have time to go and move the cars into the staff car park in the afternoon so please just assume it will be very busy here tomorrow all day.

Ultimately this is for your child’s protection as it will ensure no one can come into the school grounds without a fob so I please ask for your patience tomorrow.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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