It’s All Go!

It’s traditional at Smithton that we have so many grandparents and relatives who are dropping off, picking up or looking after sick children to allow parents to work so we decided it would be good to have a ‘grandparents’ session. This is for anyone that drops off/picks up and looks after youngsters. Before you go home on Fridays at 9am why not come and join Rose for a cuppa?

As the darkness comes down, please remember if you are driving to look out for the young people on their bikes or them crossing the roads. We are trying to reinforce road safety as well.

Head Teacher’s Learning Summary can be accessed on the tab above or here Apologies for delay – thought I had sent this on Monday! This is where you will find details of dates for your diary for the term as well as what I’m focusing on with your children’s learning and how I am ensuring progression, depth and continuity in learning.

We’re delighted that the extra curricular clubs have started properly now and each week we will feature photos from the groups. (Look out for the art club photos in the slideshow.) Please note that you need to complete the survey so that we have all the details. It has been fine for this week to add names to groups for ease but this must be followed up with adding your child’s name to the survey. For cross country please add the extra app to your phone. Good to see more than 165 young people taking part across teh week!

Survey to all your child to attend after school clubs

Cross country app

Fiona, our Ness Factor singer was delighted with the £360 you raised for her hospice appeal last week…one week to go, Fiona before the big night! Thanks for sending in another few photos. We can’t wait to hear how you get on next Saturday night. Brooke, in P3 made Fiona and the Hospice an amazing poster – echoing all that we have to say about the phenomenal service they give to families. Look out for it in the slideshow.

Some other photos of children using their intiative in school – fantastic problem solving and autonomous learning. It’s easier to ‘do as you’re told and do it this way’ but this means chidlren find it more difficult to think about their learning in other contexts. Expecting problem solving and initiative building creates strong individuals.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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