Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Remember to put your clocks back this weekend..what are you going to do with your extra hour?!

It’s been a positive first week back with everyone getting right back into learning. Everything from watching the partial eclipse to teddy bear picnic, chocolate brownie making and evrytihg in between. We had two girls in a nation bowling competition and Orla was the overall champion!! Fantastic stuff, both Robyn and Orla! Delighted with hte helpers at Blythswood spending holiday time helping others.

Thanks again to all who helped at the disco on Tuesday and to those parents who are volunteering with extra curricular clubs starting next week. Delighted that staff have been able to find time as well. Last full week in October….weather has been great but the wind is chilly now and the light is fading. Please remind your child about wearing jackets and staying safe on their way home from school.

Funky Fridays await so I had better go! (This is the youth club for P7 and S1..great fun on a Friday night.)

Aileen Mackay, HT

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