Day 2 in Glencoe – Sunshine Continues

Fantastic time is being had in Glencoe with the young people really exploring team work, pushing themselves and enjoying the food! A great bunch who are being highlighted as well mannered, keen and a joy to work with by the Glencoe staff. I get the photos in the late evening from the three staff so I can’t upload until the morning…and this morning my computer decided to have a holiday…apologies for lack of photos this morning. I’m planning to wake them for breakfast tomorrow morning so photos will come later in the day when I return to school

Aileen Mackay, HT

One thought on “Day 2 in Glencoe – Sunshine Continues

  1. Thanks so much for these, they are like therapy this week! LOL Very much missing my girl but looks like they are having a ball!

    Jenni x


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