Friday’s Here

Delighted with pupil participation and engagement this week. Young people are settled and really building on their learning from last year as well as what they have been doing with family and friends over the summer. Learning is enhanced when the children continue to learn outwith school – we are only in school 5 hours – that’s 19 hours not here – eating, sleeping and opportunities for wider learning. The photos this week show learning across the school in problem solving, team based learning and concentration but also from young people who make good use of their time at home and in the community. One even shows a winning medal from go karting! I fancy giving him a race… Library trips are back on! Look out for the photos at our local library. WE choose to walk to the local library rather than have a full library at school and P4 LP were commended by the librarian for their engagement and good manners. If you would be interested in accompanying any of the classes you would need to be free 9am – 10.30am on a Wednesday. We love sharing our love of books with parents and family friends, too. Please let you child’s teacher know if you would be available to attend, even if it’s not your child’s class.

Next week is a full week and then the following week we have two days of in service. I know it feels like we are just back and there’s a break in the routine for you as families but these days are beneficial for us as a staff to communicate and refine how we assess, plan and develop learning for your children. The week after on Wednesday 21st September at 6pm there will be the AGM of the Parent Council. There’s always cake at this event so do come along! Find out more about the work of the Council as well as a catch up about the school improvements that we are focusing on this year. We aim to have people from all over the catchment area involved so do please come. There will be an opportunity for online if you don’t have a babysitter, etc but it will be very good to have everyone back in the school.

Do enjoy spending time with your children over the weekend. They are hugely precious to us and we only see them for a short time each day so I can only imagine how you love watching them grow and spending time with them!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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