That Friday Feeling…Every Day!

I hope you enjoy your work as much as they children and staff do here. Yet another great week of learning with people really beginning to settle in and get into the routine.

With all the talk about energy bills it’s causing uncomfortable feelings for most people. Some children are picking up on this and worried about bills at home. While our concentration is on learning and helping you child to achieve potential, if you are concerned about family life do please get in touch so we can try and guide you to the right places to be supported.

Families on Universal Credit with a child in receipt of Disability Living Allowance are exempt from the benefit cap.  If the benefit cap is being applied to you please use the Universal Credit journal  to ask for their benefit cap to be removed as you have a child who gets Disability Living Allowance. The benefits department is not automatically applying this.

At the beginning of the week I posted the blog with the link to the HT learning summary, which will be back on a weekly basis. It talked about why we are teaching through play from nursery to P3 and how this benefits learning from P4-7. The slideshow has a number of photos showing your children learning through play. The rich language that is used then translates into writing and having purpose in writing makes it more engaging for more children more of the time. Our You Tube channel is devoted to learning clips and we’re hoping to have at least one video a week highlighting how we are learning. This week’s is from P4 who were writing a recipe, creating it and considering all the skills they needed. (Sneak preview of what will be going up on our You Tube channel when the wifi is working!)The teacher could have written a format on the board for them to copy and they could have all produced something similar because of this. However learning through enquiry in P4-7 means that creativity, thinking skills and experiences all enhance learning. The attainment is raised and the skills remembered so they can apply them in different circumstances. Every day’s a learning day: I’d never had dill in a salad before until I tasted the winning Smithton Salad!

Look out for a photo with some of last year’s P7s coming back to teach in P1! It’s always lovely that ex pupils come back to see us and to keep us updated on their progress – we try not to let anyone go… We also have Logan who also did the summer reading challenge – well done! So lovely to see the nursery children learning and using the community to experience life skills.

And on that note, Ms Miller has had her last day as a PSA at Smithton. She has been studying hard to get her qualifications to go and learn how to become a teacher and her programme at UHI starts on Monday. She has been terrific for the school and all the young people and staff wish her well – she’s included in the star award photo…and she’s promised to come back and visit, too!

Have a great weekend together…get outside to learn and play!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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