End of Week One

Just make sure you all come back next week! Day one was straight into learning and checking levels of understanding. Settling in is never easy after a long break – and I’m not just talking about the young people staff, parents and carers all needed to readjust themselves for the week.

A very warm welcome to our new families who have moved into the area as well as those who have come into nursery and P1 for the first time. We trust you will feel part of the Smithton family as soon as possible.

By the end of the week we have had fun, been challenged, made new friends, relaxed with new teachers but many very tired today so hopefully all will sleep tonight.

Great to see our nursery children getting stuck in straight away – those who were here last year as well as those who were new on Tuesday! Last minute changes to staffing but all running smoothly.

We had star awards at assembly today and all of P1 were awarded and understandably so! Their nursery staff will be so proud of the young people. During assembly today they were all joining in with the song (Build Up – check it out on You Tube if you want to sing along) and actions.

As for the other end of the school – P7 have been outstanding this week. We started our leadership programme yesterday and their responses have shown maturity already. Younger ones already are looking up to them!

And all the others in between? Growing up, settling back into routines and filling staff with pride and joy.

I will be starting up the Head Teacher’s Weekly Summaries as of next week. These had been suspended during COVID as most of my time was taken up communicating how we were keeping everyone safe! The first summary next week will be talking about play pedagogy and why this is enhancing how your children are learning at Smithton. Results from the end of term showed a marked increase in attainment for a whole host of reasons but part of it was how we are teaching as well as what.

Enjoy the faces of the Star Award winners, the summer reading challenge winner (are there more out there that we don’t know about yet?) and young people from nursery to P7 enjoying the outdoors and learning at the same time.

Enjoy your weekend and get ready to start it all over again on Monday…looking forward to it already.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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