And we’re back!

Where did those six weeks go?! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and with no covid restrictions! We look forward to seeing the new nursery children coming for the first time, for our Primary One year group and every other child in the school. We look forward to seeing parents, carers, childminders, grandparents and others in the playground tomorrow, too.

New nursery children have been given the name of a nursery staff worker for the short term until our staffing is finalised and existing nursery pupils should attend the same room as last year. (Check out the ELC Google Classroom if you haven’t done so already.)

We will have posters showing where teachers and their classes need to stand to line up so hopefully that will help tomorrow in the playground before school. There will be staff on hand to help as well so just ask if help is needed. A wee reminder not to bring your pets into the school grounds, though…

You’ll also notice that the barrier at the Smithton Park road has been put in and there are road markings to help young people see where to cross the road. (Thanks Parent Council for making this happen!) Again, I urge you to park and stride from the Smithton Free Church or to use the carparks around the school especially if the carpark opposite the school appears to be full.

We’re looking forward to getting parents and carers into the school as soon as possible to see the young people in action as it’s such a long time since we have been allowed to have anyone into the school. More details of this and other things that are happening across nursery and the school going forward. Looking forward to a year of learning, fun and confident young people!

See you all, bright and breezy tomorrow morning. (Yes, you do have to get out of bed earlier tomorrow…..)

Aileen Mackay, HT

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