Final Assembly Details

Our COVID numbers have remained the same as last week, although different people therefore we can go ahead to invite you to our end of year assembly. If you are well, show no symptoms and would like to come you will be made most welcome. We’re delighted that Smithton Free Church is not only giving us the staff and building at no cost for the assembly but are also providing refreshments for any parent, carer or family member that comes to the event. We will hope to finish by 11am.

If you have to work, stay at home to look after a loved one or are not feeling well, including children who are off sick, you can watch the assembly live using the church link here. Scroll down the website page till you see this image and click on it:

If you want a special mention as you are watching online, please email me from now until 8.30am and I will give you a mention. (This could be handy for P7s and prize winners who have relatives who don’t live here!) The assembly can not be recorded as our copyright licence for music only covers live events.

A final note about school lunches for those with dietary needs – and I suggest you do htis immediately so the informaiton is in hte system rather than trying to rememebr in August if you saw it on an email, dojo or the blog!

Pupils moving from Nursery to P1 or P7 to S1 after the summer will need to complete a special diet request for their children if they still need amended school meals and they haven’t already submitted a new request.  We do not need a new form if the pupil remains in the same ELC, primary or secondary setting and their requirements have not changed.

The link is below or you can enter the words ‘special diets’ into the search field of the Highland Council website and submit the request online.

We’ve just finished our last full day of session 2021-22. A good night’s rest for all staff and young people so we have an excellent last day tomorrow. A reminder to all that we close at lunch time – and it’s the infant lunch time so 12 noon.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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