P4-7 Summer Show Online At 2pm Today!

Firstly – huge thanks to all who contributed to the Parent Council summer fundraiser – the £100 ticket, the disco and the hamper – £743.19. You really are the most generous and incredible community. More details about the Leanne Fund and The Wellbeing Challenge monies that were raised this year on Thursday at the assembly. (I’ll be taking a decision about parent invitations to the assembly tomorrow, Wednesday – I’ve been saying I’ll make the decision on Thursday as I keep forgetting we don’t finish on Friday – we finish on Thursday!)

Secondly, P4-7 classes have been working on presenting some of their learning to you and the show starts at 2pm today. It takes around 40 minutes so either watch it at 2pm and have a cuppa or watch it later as a family. This fourth term is always busy but I take my hat off to the staff for all their hard work in their own time to make this show happen. Link will be sent out just before 2pm today!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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