Last Friday of This School Year

What a glorious week of weather and learning rounded off with disco relaxation. Classes are still working hard on their learning and we hope that you will be able to keep them going with their reading, numbers and healthy lifestyles through the summer.

We’ve had Science, technical, engineering and maths visits to upper classes this week to broaden their experiences as well as deepen their understanding of the the world of work.

P4 were trying out their enterprise ideas on P5…watch this space for new entrepreneurs!

We’ve also had our P7s at secondary schools this week so it’s been hectic for them processing all the new information. So lovely to see many of them at the disco last night and enjoying their separate ‘pizza party’!

We welcomed Mrs Gowans, the local librarian, to assembly yesterday where she awarded the nursery children coming into P1 their book bags. The children sat amazingly well and joined in the song, too. What a privilege it is to be a member of staff here being part of your children’s growing up!

On the theme of broadening our experiences, we were delighted to welcome Ruaridh from P3’s dad to the class talking about and demonstrating how a 3D printer works. Who knows how that will stimulate these minds for career and life choices!

We’ve also had two of our three nursery sports days which have gone down well. Looking forward to the Garden Parties next week as we celebrate the learning and development of all there. As these events will be outside we are delighted to be welcoming family to take part. (It’s also Safe, Strong and Free ‘Come Dressed as your Hero’ day on Monday in the nursery!)

With the rise in COVID, chicken pox and tonsillitis numbers we took the decision to have the disco ‘al fresco’ last night to help protect children, adult helpers and staff so trusting that our risk assessments have kept everyone safe…the evening was fantastic with the P7s having great fun with their Pizza Party before joining the rest of the school. So good to see nursery all the way through there dancing, swinging on the bars, chilling with each other and being part of a really lovely atmosphere. The Parent Council and volunteers really do the kids proud with their organisation and thoughtfulness.

As for assembly on Thursday at Smithton Free Church….it will go ahead regardless for the young people and I’m just watching numbers and trends to decide on numbers of parents who can attend. Please keep a check on the blog here as I will let you know of the decision when the risk assessment has been updated.

Tuesday afternoon will have the premier of the P4-7 show where each class has put together a short piece and our resident Stephanie Spielberg (aka Miss Noble) has put them together to make a video. We normally have Nursery – P3 taking part in a Christmas show and P4-7 taking part in a summer show. Because of COVID we have had to resort to online Nativities as video performances and this will be the year for P4-7 to showcase their skills! We will send the link for the show on the blog here. Hopefully, back to full audiences and performances in the school from Christmas.

So much learning, so much fun and yet we’re all still a little unsettled. Some staff don’t know whether they will have a job or not after Thursday, virtually no staff know which room, playroom or class they will be working with and young people, apart from P7, are a bit nervous about who the adults are that will be helping them learn next year. I have no control over this as we are all employees of Highland Council and not Smithton Primary as such. This means we are part of the whole organisation so we can be called to serve any community or if we don’t have a permanent contract, we may not have a job at the end of the school year. The Council works hard to ensure that the right people are matched to the right school so we just have to trust the process….easier said than done, I know. As soon as I know the final details staff will hear first and then you will receive dojos. I know there are some parents who think that we do know the details but are just not sharing. I give you my word – this is not the case. Surely we will hear very soon.

Relax for five minutes and watch our final slideshow of the year with evidence of items noted in this blog as well as the Star Award winners. The final blog of the year on Thursday next week will have a shortened version of the annual slideshow..

Have a good weekend,

Aileen Mackay, HT

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