Parent Council News

Disco reminder about Friday: all ELC children are warmly invited but must be accompanied by an adult i.e. 18 or over. Parent helpers always warmly invited and although it doesn’t sound like a good night out – it really is great fun!

As the Parent Council run these events and always try to have them on a Friday, it is important that all children – including P7s – are collected from the school. The older children may be allowed out by themselves however as this is run by the Parent Council, and it’s a Friday night, we want to make sure all get home safely.

P7s are warmly invited to come for 6.30pm to eat pizza and share memories, etc. They are allowed to bring their phones but the phones remain their responsibility. They are also bound by school policy while on school premises however we also know that they want to make the moments to keep – especially as this is their only disco for the last two years at the school.

Many thanks to all who make these events possible!

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