Two Weeks for the Price of One!

Last week’s star awards, Baillie Cup and Jubilee celebrations. Apologies for delay – with technical issues until Wednesday it’s been tough trying to keep in touch. New school cook and her team did us proud with a street party lunch and all classes had a ball with the festivities. It was great to see so many brightly coloured clothing as well to support the Leanne Foundation and the £302.47 raised was fantastic. There will be more news on the Well being challenge sponsorship next week but let’s just say The Haven and money for school trips next year will have a healthy kick start. You really do us proud digging deep and putting your children first. As always, thank you.

You will see that the Parent Council remains active about road safety in and around the school by the fact that the yellow zig zags are now painted on. We’re still waiting for the barriers and pavement markings but we’re getting there. However, young people and Parent Council have been working on road safety for years and there is still one problem: parents who continue to park illegally and who put children’s lives in danger. Please don’t do this – you don’t want it on your head if a child has an accident.

Wellbeing and sports have been celebrated this week. As we’ve said before, we have the inter school sports and the Baillie Cup for those who are athletic and competitive and no one cheers louder than Smithton staff at these events so we’re all for competition. However the Sports and Wellbeing week is about education and providing new experiences as well as a time for reflection about our lifestyles. One activity that was carried out in many classes was about routines and why these can help with your mental health. A number of children have been considering screen time, what the ‘blue screen’ is doing to their brain activity and considering the balance of time and how they spend it. As for yesterday’s cycle stunt show that we won because of the number of children who walk/scooter/cycle to school – ooft! Let’s just say Mr Grandison was used as a prop and we were all enthralled as to what was going to happen next! Iain and Brett reminded the children that they couldn’t really do any stunts until they could balance on their bikes so if you see your child trying to balance and practice falling you know why. The children with Caley Thistle were so well received by the coaches during the week that P2 and P3 are getting two weeks of coaching for free before the holidays. The curling, botcha, basketball, etc has been terrific and a number of children were keen to talk about what they’d learned and some have been approached by coaches from other sports to say to come and try at weekends as they were so good. (On the note of wider sports and hobbies, we will be able to get back into our after school activities programme so a survey will come out, as soon as I know which staff are here and who is willing to offer their services.)

The finale today was the walk/jog/run around the park. Those who are competitive got the chance to ‘go for it’ and get as many laps done as possible. One girl in particular said she is determined to get even more laps in and will be practising during the holidays to beat the record set yesterday of 14 laps in half an hour. Those who are not as keen to compete but enjoy a jog had fun running with family (Jack – you DEFINITELY beat your dad today – look out for the photo!) or walking with baby sister in the buggy or granny out for a walk holding hands with grandchildren. Water, teas and coffees were available thanks to the Parent Council and lovely positive comments from those watching on. (Raffle was won by Caiden in P2/3 – great fruit hamper! £130 raised for trips and events – thank you all so much.)

Find out which house has won the sports cup at the end of year assembly…yes – it’s back! The Smithton Free Church gives us their venue, heating, lighting and AV equipment for free as it is bigger than our hall. So 30th June we will have our final assembly there from 9.30am. As the school is so big now it does take a couple of hours but with entertainment and videos of the year there’s usually a great atmosphere and the time flies.

Here’s a few more photos from this week: computer coding in P6 as well as sports and ice lollies to finish off….Thank you, as always, for lending us your children each week. So many happy, smiling faces and people willing to learn. I trust you have a sleep filled family tonight with all that fresh air this week.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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