Mid Week Catch Up on Sports and Well Being Week

We’re fortunate to have staff who get together to organise activities and learning for sports and health week each year. So good they are no online and expected to be done in people’s back garden’s/ play areas as they were in lockdown! We have been utilising every area of the schools grounds and hall all week from P1 – P7. (Nursery are having their own session next week – see the google classroom for nursery end of year activities…) Between rugby, fitness for boxing, Caley Thistle visits and each class playing traditional games from around the Commonwealth countries it’s been fantastic. We’re still playing it cautious as we are aware that COVID is still very much with us so you are only invited to one of the sessions this week rather than dropping into every session you fancy which is our usual practice. P7 tomorrow and the rest of the school on Friday will be having a constant running relay between the classes on the path of the flood prevention area across from the school. A wee reminder that if you want to dust down your trainers and join in with your child’s class, or, indeed, just come along and join in with any class, your child will get the points for their house. A note has gone out on Dojo saying what time your child’s class will be running. (Just think of the steps you’ll get in!) If you’d rather watch and cheer on there is plenty seating. Parent Council is going to make sure there are teas and coffees available for P7 run tomorrow and all day Friday. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to more events and a special cycle stunt show in the afternoon thanks to so many of our young people who cycled/scootered or walked to school in May. Sustrans awarded us this treat!

Still no news on classes and staff for next year. Again, I promise as soon as I can I will share the information. As you can see, my internet is back working as are my emails. I’m getting through them but if you have contacted me and there is no reply by the end of the week or Monday please resend as I wouldn’t want to miss any question you have or information you want to share.

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