Rainbow Colours and Sports Week

Don’t forget if you want to wear rainbow colours tomorrow and donate £1 it will be for the Leanne Foundation – a Highland charity for children – find out more here.

Reports will be out tomorrow and next week is Sports and Well Being Week. Thanks to Mr Grandison and all staff for the activities and learning that they have put together. Still being cautious, we want to invite you to the park only on Friday (Thursday for P6/7) to join us to cheer on the children or to join in with your children’s classes. The Parent Council is organising a healthy hamper and we will be able to buy raffle tickets as of next week. More details to come but thought I’d let you know if you can join us next Friday you will be very welcome…and you will gain points for your children’s houses!

Wee reminder that we have Friday off. You might have herd that some have holidays from tomorrow and some on Monday but in Highland we have Friday only to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. We’re looking forward to the special lunch that the cooks are providing tomorrow as well.

Update from the athletics Baillie Cup…first race, first bronze! All going well so far…

Aileen Mackay, HT

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