Perfect Hosts!

We’ve had a number of visitors to the school this week and each has commented on the polite, friendly, focused on learning young people in the nursery and school – from other early years providers to Culloden Academy staff and Education Scotland inspectors. Writing attainment, across the school, is positive and slightly higher than across Scotland with reading and numeracy on a par. We’ve been commended for our relationships policy in action amongst staff as well as young people. perfect hosts, every time.

No pats on the back, though, for ourselves: we’re striving to be even better. We’ll be sharing our school improvement projects with the Parent Council for next year and then I’ll post here but we all need to work for our young people here. Never be worried to ask for help to work with your child at home – we’re here! No judgements and always willing to listen.

How are your five ways to well being going? And your well being challenges? I’m proud of myself this week as I’ve managed to STOPP before speaking or doing something! It really did help me make a good choice. Adults need to STOPP as well….even calm, collected me…(!)

Mental awareness is not just for a week a year. I left the blog last Friday asking how you were and to make sure you talked with someone. Hope you’ve done that. What one thing have you done to help you be optimistic this week? What one thing brings out the gratitude in you? Life is hard for so many at the moment it’s so important to find the good in each day. That’s not meant to be patronising – it’s how I get through tough days myself.

Photos and a smashing video of Ms Bennett and a group – Eurovision has nothing on them! So lovely to have star award winners all together as a group after assembly. P2/3 had a good session around what’s good for the body as part of our substance aware curriculum that we use across the school and P6 were using exotic fruit to eat as a stimulus for writing – fantastic stuff.

Have a good weekend and enjoy time together with friends and family when you can and if you’re working, enjoy how you are contributing to the economy and society!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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