Constantly Learning

‘Back in the day’ when it came to the month of May schools used to be slowing down and reflecting on the year. Not nowadays and certainly not in Smithton! From nursery to P7 there has been active learning across the school. There are children this week who have been asking for extra support so they can get as much out of the school day as possible. There have been children reading for pleasure and writing during their free time. P4 stunned Miss MacDonald with their knowledge of structuring a science report while P7 have been planning workshops for the Five Ways to Wellbeing. A lovely comment this week from Kodaly music tutor who was so impressed with our friendly, engaging and calm children across the school. Our focus on wellbeing remains – not at the expense of literacy and numeracy but to enhance literacy and numeracy.

Have a look at two boys who were so engaged with finding their letters that they didn’t know they were being filmed! You’ll notice this is on our new You Tube Smithton channel – please subscribe so you can then get all the latest videos showing the language of learning happening at school.

Chloe told us all about the Leanne Fund for Cystic Fibrosis today in assembly and let us know about our rainbow colours day 2nd June when we’re asking people to wear rainbow colours and, if possible, donate £1 to CF. You’ll see her photo in the slideshow below. We had hoped to do something way back in December but there were so many absences that we decided to wait until the better weather.

We hope that families across the Smithton Primary school community are managing to engage in our Wellbeing Challenge 2022.  We believe that considering the “5 Ways to Wellbeing” really can help to make us feel good and cope well with life and with the challenges that it can bring.  Classes across the school are busy developing their understanding of mental wellbeing this term.
Since ‘Give’ is one of the “5 Ways to Wellbeing” we thought that we could do some fundraising through our Wellbeing Challenge.   We are aiming to raise some money for The Haven Centre and for our school fund.
Pupils will be coming home with a sponsorship form in their schoolbags.  (Please look out for it!)  It would be fantastic if you were able to encourage your child to seek a little sponsorship from friends and family.  
There is no hurry – we will look to collect in sponsorship money sometime at the beginning of June.

Slideshow has symmetry, music, working together and personal achievements in dance and other out of school events. One of our student teachers, Mr Lyons, does historical enactments so has enthused classes this week with his medieval fashion… Our young people learn loads in school but so many of them learn even more in their clubs, hobbies and sports. Having wider achievements provides more experiences which allows us all to have a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I love the photo of our P2 boy loving his camouflage in the bushes! A bit like the Five Ways to Wellbeing.. connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give. See how often you use these five ways over the weekend. Point them out in your children when you see them focused on their wellbeing. It’s been good mental health week for adults this week….how are you? Please share with someone how you are.

Have a good weekend and hoping to see many of you tomorrow – thanks to those who have signed up to help! See you at 10am.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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