Class Photos on Wednesday

Please note there will be class photos taken on Wednesday. These will be taken outside, we hope!

Apologies for lack of slideshow on Friday..we had a brilliant first assembly back – the photos don’t do it justice. So lovely to have star award winners in the same place at the same time! It was also clear that we have a number of staff who had assembly for the first time with us rather than being on screen as well so it was a learning experience for many! The young ones sat beautifully considering it was such a big affair.

Look out for Isla who has had her hair chopped. A number of children have done this over the years to donate their hair to other children who need wigs so we’re really proud of Isla for doing this. On another note we had P3 young engineers having a great time using their talking and listening skills alongside problem solving, team work and resilience to get things right. Delighted to see young people choosing to collect plastic that they can see around the school grounds and put into recycling…are you gathering your plastic waste in may to see what is actually able to be recycled? Never a dull moment!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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