It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like….Normality!

I’m delighted to say that there have been so few new COVID cases (I know…why jinx it by writing about it?!) that we’re now going to be able to mix the children during the day in class time! This means shared reading and learning from each other not just in our treehouses but across the whole school. The big excitement is coming back to having a whole school assembly in the hall and not online! No more microphones not working, or buffer faces as we wait to hear who has won a star award, etc. That’s the plan for next Friday, anyway. It’s bizarre to think that no one in P1 or P2 has ever been to a school assembly where we’re altogether…

The weather has been kind again this week so there have been lots of occasions for learning outside. You’ll see some photos of children finding right angles in real life as well as literacy across the board by creating a stage for performing P2s. Lots of planting in nursery all the way through and we’re hoping for bumper crops before we go on holiday in the summer. Do you have plants that need to be split? We’d be delighted to take some from you and plant them. Delighted that we’re getting top soil to help with our garden areas but please just drop off plants and if they need certain soils or further instructions please write them down. (Whatever you do, don’t leave it to me! Thankfully lots of green fingered children and staff and some parents have volunteered to spruce up our garden spaces.) There is to be an opportunity for parents, carers and friends of the school to come one Saturday in May and help us spring clean the garden areas that we have…please come along. More details to follow.

We’re slowly getting some extra curricular clubs up and running again but the full range won’t be available until the new school year. Delighted that Funky Fridays, our P7 youth club on a Friday night is very well attended and we do everything from baking to chess and basketball. Tonight was a bake off…look out for the creative cupcake example from this evening. P4 were also involved tonight in The Haven’s Big Spring Sing where they sang The Beatles ‘Here Come The Sun’ with Makaton – absolutely beautifully done. Again, there’s a photo in the slides so look out for it. Athletics club is getting started and we’re aiming for a couple of competitions before the summer. We’ll be inviting you to join in with a session of our sports week which is based around the Commonwealth Games. The finale will be a relay race over at the flood prevention park area where parents can join in and score points of their children’s houses or watch from the banks. We’ll have a P4-7 ‘show’ on video which will be released before the summer, too. Never a dull moment.

We will also be hosting some Education Scotland visitors 17th and 18th May. They are coming to find out how we survived, coped and continued to learn through the pandemic as part of a national recovery strategy. This is a real chance for us to showcase the amazing work of the staff, the parents/carers and our amazing young people: how we rose to the many challenges and how we’ve managed to turn around learning so that our results are showing higher than average attainment. There will be a focus group session online with parents. If you want to have your say please let me know and I’ll include you in that group. Just email me directly

I know we’re just back to school but there will be more disruption next week: May Day holiday on Monday and there is an in service day on Thursday so while the staff will be at school the children will be at home. There will also be a day off for all for the Queen’s Jubilee 3rd June so we have a lot of learning to pack into a short space of time.

One wee moan from me. Please do not take your dogs into the playground. Trixie being on the staff does not mean everyone can take their dogs to school. She is highly trained and while your dogs may be obedient to you I ask you one more time to please stay outside the school gates with your dogs or leave them at home and walk them when you get back from the school. Thank you.

Enjoy the slideshow. The last time we will see the star awards as individuals as we should be back to group photos after assembly next week!

Have a good weekend and hopefully many of you will get time off together on Monday.

Aileen Mackay, HT

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