Welcome Back to School and Nursery!

We have new children starting in school and nursery – you are all very welcome! Parents and carers…don’t be nervous…..

While face coverings are now not legal we are still trusting that parents and carers, unless exempt, will continue, on school and ELC premises, to remain at least a metre apart from other adults and will continue to cover faces for at least another two weeks. There are still COVID positive cases being reported and we know from Scotland’s health data that COVID is still very much with us. The only significant change from tomorrow AFTERNOON is where your children will enter the school building and be dismissed from. Come as you have been to fire exits and certain places in the playground in the morning, though, so it’s familiar both to you and your children. The staff will help dismiss the young people from the main playground area tomorrow afternoon and this will be the same place that they will line up at 9am each morning going forward. If in doubt on Wednesday morning, just come to the main playground and when the bell goes there will be helpers to let you see where your child will line up.

For the next two weeks the young people will still wear their PE kits coming to school on specific days and will remain in their treehouses during the school day until we see cases becoming fewer. There remain staff absences although not necessarily for COVID. Before the holidays P4-7 were coming home at 2.30pm. As from tomorrow this will revert to 3pm.

Children and young people from nursery to P7 will still be encouraged to wash hands, etc. and as always, if your child is ill he/she should be at home recovering from sickness, temperature, persistent cough or severe headaches for at least 48 hours.

Here’s to a safe, healthy fulfilling term of learning!

Aileen Mackay, HT

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